Club Day & Kick Start

Sunday 4th March – Club day, Scrutineering closes at 9am. (Cash only at sign-on)

We are running a Kick Start course this Sunday 4th March for anyone who wants to get their MNSW Licence.

How do I get my MNSW licence?
In order to compete at the Interclubs, a licence through MNSW must be obtained. The licence process can be completed at our club through the Kick start course, which is a theory based introduction to motorcycle sport and involves a simple assessment on completion. Once completed, members send their completed kick start book to Motorcycling NSW with an accompanying licence application form. Once processed, MNSW will issue the member with an appropriate licence, which needs to be renewed every year.

Sutherland Interclub Sponsorship:
As this is a major fundraising event we require Raffle Prizes (Lego, nerf guns and other items) will be greatly appreciated. Please let us know if your company or friends/family are interested in Sponsoring this great event.