Pony Express

The Pony Express is a fun day for all levels of riders. Our Pony Express has historically been an event “not to be missed”

The event is similar to Enduro, however you participate with another member in a team of 2.  There are 2 separate events, one for the 50cc /Mini wheels and another for the 65/85cc riders on a separate track. Parents are “Team Managers” for their child’s “Pit Area”.

The Team Manager is responsible for:

  • Ensuring the riders lap numbers comply with the rules below.
  • Fun Tactics, including managing the length of stints and rider order
  • Re-Fuelling and maintenance of bikes
  • Hydration of the riders etc.

Teams will be drawn out of a hat during rider’s briefing in the morning.

The course will be a combination of Motocross tracks, Enduro Loop and possibly man-made obstacles.  A transition area is marked out adjacent to the course for team rider changes. Riders are restricted to a safe 1st gear speed in the transition area.

The starts are Le Mans style, riders run to their bikes and start them. The first rider takes a turn on the circuit and completes their stint, then rides into the transition stage and tags their partner who is on the bike and ready to go. The partner takes over and continues out onto the track for their stint.  Riders continue to tag between stints for the remainder of the time allowed.

Laps take around 2-3 minutes.  The maximum amount of continuous laps (stint) is 3, before a rider must come in and change. Riders can do stints of 1, 2 or 3 laps depending on how they feel or advised by their tactical team managers. Each rider in a team must finish within 1 lap of their team-mate. For example, If rider A completes 40 laps in the time allocated, Rider B must complete 39 or 41 laps. The event is scored by completing the most amount of laps in 2 hours.

Once time is “called”, no rider can be released from the transition area. Any rider on the course is allowed to complete their lap and the lap will be counted.

Riders can ride through the transition area in 1st gear at a safe speed without tagging their partner, i.e. for a fuel stop, a drink, clean goggles etc.

All bikes must be switched off and the rider must be off the bike during any re-fuelling.

Sweep riders are provided. However all riders must stop and assist other riders in the event of injury and consideration may be considered for lost time.

Slower Riders must consider faster riders approaching from behind and safely pull over and allow them past. Faster riders must consider slower riders and pass only when safe to do so. Sweep riders will be on the track to monitor passing. Any rider not considering others may be penalised for dangerous riding.

In the event of a terminal bike failure (as judged by the clerk of the course) a rider may compete on their partners bike, providing the rider meets the minimum age requirements under the current MOMS. The Clerk must authorise the sharing of a bike.


Any rider who completes more than 3 continuous laps will incur a 1 lap penalty, any additional laps beyond the maximum of 3 will not be counted towards the team’s lap total. Any rider who speeds in the transition area, ride’s dangerously or disobeys event directions will incur a 1 lap penalty or may be excluded from the event. Any rider who does not stop to help an injured rider will incur a 1 lap penalty or may be excluded from the event.

Any Rider who does not follow the course proper, will incur a 1 lap penalty or for “short-cutting”. In the event a rider leaves the course, the rider must re-enter the track where they left it.

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